We have printed the largest 3D print in Slovenia

3D print fast-tracks ideas on paper into physical models. Only the most appropriate decision in terms of which technology to choose shows itself in a precise and functional prototype. A wide range of 3D technology provides the possibility for a fast, reliable and reasonably priced combination.

An even more reasonably priced 3D print with ADDED VALUE

In producing the largest 3D print, the most optimal choice proved to be the Voxeljet’s sand-based technology. The 3D print of the woman’s body was printed in the following dimensions:  800.6 × 415.4 × 406.7 mm, which in the 3D world is quite non-standard and difficult to achieve. The technology is primarily intended for printing foundry sand moulds and cores for gravity-based casting of various metals. Sand models, with suitable post surface finishing, can also used as moulds for the production of products made from composite materials (e.g.: fibreglass, polyester, carbon fibre, kevlar), and also as tools for vacuuming thermoplastics. In the field of art, they are also suitable for the production of, for example, scenic backdrops, prizes, innovative furniture, etc.

These price-accessible prints, particularly with post surface finishing, can suit many innovators’ demands and can also lead to the additional use of a prototype. In showcasing the 3D print, the left-hand side of the body remained unfinished – slightly rough to touch, while the right-hand side was post-surface processed by hand, and then painted. 3D models, in this manner, can also be used as finished products.

Bringing ideas to life requires a significant amount of invested time and effort. Therefore, obtaining the right advice and using the right 3D technology are of key importance – in this way, technological demands, meeting tight production deadlines as well as keeping pricing reasonable can be achieved already within the space of a few days. With the use of the most modern 3D technology, relatively simple as well as extremely complex products, from a construction based point of view, can be realised.