Who are we?

We, at Chemets, encourage innovators to believe in the power of their ideas.

We don’t only bring your ideas to life, but work alongside you every step of the prototyping way. We are aware how much time and effort needs to be invested into the development of a product, and when you get to that stage in the process, you deserve to have the right partner with you.

We are specialized in the production of functional prototypes and small-series production runs using different materials (plastic, metals, wax, rubber). With the use of the most modern 3D technologies we resolve the complex problems of our customers. We produce both simple, as well as demanding pieces (from a construction point of view), optimising technological possibilities while keeping price efficiency in mind and reliably producing prototypes in the shortest possible time period.

Our customers are typically those, who have their own product development, are start-ups, architects, foundrymen and toolmakers, as well as individuals, who would like to bring their ideas to life. The word ‘impossible’ is one, after 25 years of operation, that we simply do not know. Experience, inventiveness, the knowing of technology and being adaptive enables the successful ‘birth’ of every idea.

How does our work flow?

  • Customer’s idea

    The customer expresses their wishes and ideas in terms of the kind of product they want to have.

  • Design drafts

    The designing of drafts, in which we take into account the customer’s wishes.

  • CAD construction

    3D digitalization of the product, which we have drawn/designed.

  • Production of the prototype

    When the virtual product has been given the go-ahead, we undertake the production of the prototype.

  • Small series production

    Upon the confirmation of all suitable surfaces, technical demands, materials and colours, we begin with production.