SLS – laser sintering

Material: Polyamide with no fibre glass (PA2200), with fibre glass  (PA3200), naylon (PA650)

Minimum printing layer: 0.1 do 0.15 mm

Colours: White

Maximum dimensions: 340 x 340 x 620 mm (PA2200 in PA3200), 330 x 280 x 420 (PA 650)

Advantages: The 3D model is relatively flexible and is possible to subsequently paint.

Disadvantages: Rough surface finish can be smoothed out with putty like substances, but at the expense of precision. Materials PA2200 and PA3200 can deform at temperatures above 100°C and PA650 above 180°C.

Intention: Such 3D prints, due to the PA material, can be used as final products for testing, where the surface finish and visual appearance are not so important.